Table Cloths and Skirts for Round Tables

Round Cloths: Round table cloths can go to the floor on round tables. Shorter drops are for dinning. A 120″ round on a 60″ diameter table goes to the floor. Proper drop for dining requires an 84″ round or a 90″ round on the same table. Anything less or more than the specified dimensions will not be useful. The dimensions need to be perfect.

Table Skirts: For banquet tables, shirred pleated skirts 29″ high are standard. Lengths 13-feet and under are preferred for handling and cleaning. Velcro loop is sewn on the skirts which are attached with Velcro clips. Special heights for stages and odd size tables also made. Skirts are mounted over a rectangular table cloth. This will provide more stability to the skirts.

Rectangles to the Floor: An alternative to table skirts is a one-piece table cloth which covers the table and draps to the floor without excess fabric bunching in the corners. These table cloths are radius cut in the corners for the drop to the floor. On a standard 6′ long 30″ wide banquet table the proper one-piece table cloth is the 88″x130″ Radius Cut.

Tara Linens:This red table cloth on a light under cloth with matching napkins makes for an elegant setting.